2018 Residential Service & Protection Plan
Serving the Treasure Valley

This Plan Includes:

  • Spring Startup (To be completed early April for homes with backflow preventers, and mid to late
    April for homes with canal irrigation.)
  • End of Season Winterization (Blowouts)
  • Backflow Testing
  • No additional charge for repairs or replacement of any broken sprinkler pipes, valves, heads,          
    timers, backflow preventer, main and drain, valve boxes, timer wire for the entire sprinkler season!  
    (Some restrictions apply*; deductible required for replacement of main and drain and/or backflow
  • Your choice of Spring or Fall gutter cleaning. (First 150 linear ft.)

*Repairs/replacements not covered:
•        Anything under driveways, sidewalks, patios, concrete, asphalt, sheds, building, or any other hardscape or permanent feature.
•        Pipes or wires buried deeper than 12”
•        Anything under or within 6” of roots larger than 3” diameter.
•        Existing broken, leaking or damaged sprinkler pipes, wires or heads found upon startup of system.
•        Any irrigation pipes or assemblies exceeding 1.25”.
•        Pumps and pump start relays.
•        Any changes or upgrades required by new or existing city or municipality ordinances.

**Applicable deductibles:
•        Main and drains require $500 deductible for 1” assemblies, $600 for 1.25” assemblies needing repair or replacement
in the first year.
•        Replacement of backflow preventers require a deductible o
f 80% the cost of assemblies in the first year.
$299 first six zones
($15 each additional zone)
Offer valid from March 1st thru April 30th.  Call to schedule visit or for further details.

Sprinkler maintenance and repairs are regular occurrences. It requires the right knowledge and the right
tools, and it requires time. Costs fluctuate from year to year and are planning a budget for them can be
difficult since none of us know when something will break or fail.  Our service and protection plan
addresses all of those issues in one affordable plan.